About Gold Cross


Few Australians would be unfamiliar with the Gold Cross logo.
It has a long and proud history of association with pharmacy and represents the diverse
range of Gold Cross medicines found on pharmacy shelves.

It is interesting to note that many of the Gold Cross remedies have been around for
a lot longer than the Gold Cross brand itself. The very reason many of our products came into
being was due to their time-tested effectiveness for generations before. In some
cases records for product use stretch back to over 100 years.


Gold Cross People brand

The People’s Brand

An Australian brand, the Gold Cross range has been specifically designed to help treat and relieve the most prevalent of everyday minor medical conditions – the things that we all suffer with from time to time. You could say that in many ways, Gold Cross is the “people’s brand” of medicine. Gold Cross products have been used by Australians for over 70 years.

Gold Cross Products

The range is designed to work as a first port of call for everyday ailments and wellbeing. Gold Cross products treat the common family ailments such as coughs and colds, skin irritations, cuts and abrasions and digestive complaints. In addition, Gold Cross traditional medicines offer specific products for pain relief and vitamin supplementation.

Gold Cross People brand
Gold Cross People brand

Pharmacy Only

Gold Cross is a trusted and respected pharmacy-only brand. You won’t find Gold Cross in any supermarkets or health stores because Gold Cross supports pharmacy. From humble origins when there were only a handful of Gold Cross products available, today it is estimated that almost all pharmacies in Australia stock at least one of the wide range of Gold Cross products available. It’s difficult to say how many Australian medicine cabinets contain a Gold Cross product. However, as long as Australians care for the health of their families, and value quality products, Gold Cross medicines will always be there for them.